Jewelry Care Tips



We are producing long-lasting pieces that are hypoallergenic and anti-tarnish. 

We recommend all pieces are stored in the MMG switch pouch, kept away from harsh chemicals and treated gently.  





PLATED   Sterling Silver jewelry is electronically dipped in a anti-tarnish material. Plated gold is then machined overlapped into another metal on top of that.    You don’t want to use a sterling silver cleaning cloth to while your gold plated pieces, instead; soak in warm and anti-scented app. After a few minutes, retrieve from water and pat dry.
Gold plated jewelry is silver metal that is electronically dipped in an anti-tarnish. The plated is a small percentage of gold on top of two layers of metal. All of our pieces are 14k gold plated. Our gold-plated pieces do not carry nickel, zinc or cobalt that can cause skin irritation. Gold plating is meant to be permanent, but like all types of plating, it is not meant for rough exposure. With proper care, gold plated jewelry could last you up to five years. 


You don’t want to use a silver cleaning cloth to polish your gold plated pieces as it will wipe away the plated material, instead; soak in warm and anti-scented soap. After a few minutes, retrieve from water and gently pat to dry. 




Stainless Steel is eco-friendly, durable and affordable. It is of the strongest metals and will last a life-time. Stainless Steel is resistant to rust and discoloration and is also hypoallergenic - will not cause allergic reactions to your skin.

The best way to clean your stainless steel jewelry is by gently rubbing a warm towel over it. After your piece is clean a simple polishing cloth will reward a shiny new piece. Keep your silver pieces stored in your MMG switch pouch provided with each purchase.