Behind the Brand

Madison Schreiber is the face behind MayMay Grace. Madison's nickname has been "Maymay" her whole life, started by her sisters. Grace is her middle name and the meaning of elegance and goodwill.  She trusts that the key to being extraordinary, is feeling extraordinary. Jewelry is the accessory that makes everyone feel confident and unique.

Madison believes that jewelry is timeless, collectible and personal. Each jewelry piece tells a story and every person has a story to tell. Madison wanted to create a line that showcased your story physically and mentally. When you wear a Maymay Grace Piece, you are contributing to something bigger. When people are supported they thrive and we want all women to empower and support one another. 

MMG is passionate about creating collections that help you feel beautiful and leave a lasting-positive impact. Behind the brand, Madison is constantly inspired by the strong women around her. Like many, we all have a story and come from somewhere. Madison lost her beloved father and grandfather exactly four months a part over the summer of 2020. Without the support of her friends and family- she wouldn't be where she is today. Her sisters, mom, friends, mentors, and YOU are the reason she is so inspired. MMG wants to give back and help women around the world feel as supported as she does everyday. 

Maymay Grace's hope is that you feel the utmost confident, supported and empowered when you wear her pieces. 
MMG thanks you for supporting and empowering women all over .